Garden Design

garden design

You talk about garden designs and it reminds of The Great Gatsby’s beautiful garden. How exquisite! Gardens are the heart of your house where comes the laughter of your children playing, evening teas, parties and long random walks. Garden designing has become a business for most ladies out there.

Shady spots: Where you can place two or three benches randomly surrounded by different flowers. This can be quite a romantic spot.

Open meadows: For long walks in the spring with a track all around your house. This garden design could be for big gardens.

Small garden: This small garden design isn’t that small for it can accommodate your coffee table on grass and flowers on the sides along the walls. Modification could be a shade specially made to protect your ciffee table from rain. You can also have hanging pots around.

Hut garden: A small garden can also have a hut in the corner or a green house. A hut could have table and chairs for your kids with a small dog house if you have a dog. You can also put sofas in it.

Colorful gardens: Gardens could be made colorful by having different colored cushions for your chairs or for that matter having differ colored chairs.

Triangle shaped mini gardens can be made between walking tracks. You can also add a swimming pool in your garden. S shaped tracks look better than the straight ones. You can also have mini bridge in your garden for a different look.