Landscape Design: Give Style To Your Garden!

Outdoor areas are usually not given much attention. One should understand that a better landscape design would give a fuller look to your house. For designing you need to keep in mind the climate, microclimate, soils, irrigation and site drainage.

Hut Style: A hut could be built and a bench in it. The hut could be surrounded with trees and flowers. This could serve as rendezvous and the kind of place where you would like to have your evening tea.

Riding hood in woodlands: Your backyard could have all tall trees to give it a woodland look. You could trees of lemons and other fruits. It will remind you of the forest in Red riding hood.

Alice mazes: A maze style landscape design would also look good in the front or back yard. You can different colored flowers with it. This could be neatly done with mazes of different sizes and shapes.

All flowery: You can make the entrance of your house all flowery. Adding orchids and trees and covering the whole land with a passage in between that leads to your house.

Fountain centre: Fountain in the centre with blocks and small trees all around can give a simple and beautiful look.

Trees and grass: Plain landscape with just trees arranged on the sides of a path in an alternate pattern, with grass covering rest of the area is no less than any other landscape design.

Stairway design: Stairways can be made with flower pots with water falling in between.

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