Small Kitchen Designs For Tiny Homes

Small Kitchen Design don’t confine only to indoor, they could also be outdoors. You may go through these descriptions for more ideas.

All white: This could give spacious look to your kitchen. Shelves L shaped along with cabinets. Basin on one side and stove on the other. Ovens and dishwashing could be attached to the side. With some exotic dim lights you can add to the beauty of your kitchen. An alternative could be black n white kitchen.

Glitter n Wood: Glitter effect could be achieved by glass –tile mosaic and the cabinets could be of the old fashioned wood. This could be an open kitchen connecting to your lounge with wooden floors.

Rainbow Kitchen: The interior being all white, you can add colors by having multicolored stools around the small table. Walls painted mustard yellow and different colored mats. If you have small children this is exactly what you want.

Exotic Kitchen: Young couples would prefer this kind of small kitchen design. The cabinets are of brown and black stripes and shelves could be of black marble. This kitchen will require proper lighting so as to not make it look scary dark.

All about the cabinets: This design is for those who want more cabinets in their kitchen. Cabinets arranged in a haphazard pattern even if that means that you can’t reach the top cabinet without a stool. Make sure the colored of the kitchen light and bright for this design.

Checkered small kitchen: This could have a combination of black n white, silver n gold or whatever colors you want. Cabinets will match according to the colors you choose.

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