Home Decor Ideas

home decor ideas

Decorating homes has become a business. You have an option of doing it yourself or hiring an interior designer. Here are some home decor ideas:

Living room: Black n White: These could give your lounge a very classy look. You could have some white sofas and the rest could be black. With a very comfy white rocking chair. You want to keep a table in the center or not depends on you. Black n white cheetah print rug would blend well with the furniture. You can have white colored side lamps. This would preferably look good in small lounges and is one of the easily implemented home decor ideas.

Bedroom: All purple: Purple rooms somehow have a good effect on you. They make you feel calm and are more welcoming after a long tiring day at work. You could have one wall painted light shade mauve. A beautiful hand crafted mirror white a purple and blue border would look good.

Red n Black: Boys usually like to have red n black rooms but they are not very cool in summers. In fact they radiate heat! Arsenal lovers like one wall painted red where they can put posters of their favorite football players.

Blue for boys and pink for girls: Small girls and boys like to have their rooms pink and blue respectively. With a study table and single bed. Guys can decorate shelves with cars and girls with their dolls.

Drawing Room: They could be small or spacious depending on your requirements. Light and bright colored drawing rooms with exquisite lighting can make it look so welcoming and comfy.